Raw Alpaca Fiber


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Raw, unwashed and unprocessed alpaca fiber stuffed in a reusable 5"x7" burlap bag.

Light brown in color. Natural color, not dyed.

Uses for this raw, unwashed & unprocessed fiber include:

  • Bird nesting ball materials
  • Bedding stuffing
  • Plush toy stuffing
  • Additions to craft projects.
  • Woven wall hanging material

Total package weight 50 grams per single bag. Sold individually.

Note: this is a raw material, there will be traces of dirt & natural items such as grass & straw in the fiber.

To wash this material:

  1. Mix Fiber Wash into soapy water (mild, unscented soap & not a lot of it)
  2. Submerge alpaca and make sure it is completely saturated under the water and loosely floating within the water.
  3. Soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Drain water.
  5. Refill bowl of wool with hot water.
  6. If the water is clear, you do not need another rinse.
  7. Wait 10 minutes, Drain the water, and lay wool out to dry.
  8. If the water is dark brown and you cannot see thru it, there is more dirt to be removed from your fiber.
  9. Drain Water. Refill Bowl with Warm Water. 
  10. Repeat until the water is clear or tea-colored.


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