Get on the 2023 Vegetable List


The 2023 vegetable pre-order is LIVE!! We plan and plant our garden vegetables based on what you would be interested in eating. Every year we seem to be growing more, filling in the form at the bottom of the page helps us with our garden planning.

Planning and planting our gardens this way gives us an idea of what to plant and how much to plant! For you, there is no money up front and absolutely no obligation to buy. Keep in mind, this is not a subscription, it’s simply a form to let us know what you might be interested in purchasing from us. By filling in this form, you will get a weekly update as to what’s ready for harvest and you can let us know if you’d like some of what’s ready to eat!


We take your info (keeping it safe) and what you’re interested in… then we send emails out to let you know what’s ready when! Keep in mind, there’s no guarantees… In our gardens, we rely on Mother Nature, this presents all the variables year after year. This is why we do not take your hard earned money up front. We simply let you know what’s ready when. Next, you let us know if you want it (by messaging or emailing us) and then the fresh veggie stock is sold on an as is- first come-first serve basis.


According to a bit of research, we consume approximately 300 pounds of veggies per person per year. Here are some interesting food fact links:

We stick to the basic vegetables and fruits as you’ll see on the form below

New for this year, we have started by us and grown by you options!

Please fill in the order form below with NO OBLIGATION to buy.

You will get weekly email updates as to what will be ready to harvest and eat. Veggies will be available on an as-is-first come-first serve basis. Pick up dates and times to be determined.

*** These options are all started by us, you take them home and do the maintenance.